This webpage is a general overview of some features of the Fund and associated operational entities registered in Australia. The information is primarily concerned with describing the approach to investing in various asset classes opportunities in Australia. The actual Portfolio will vary from time to time in accordance with the Portfolio management model and associated suite of policy documents. The content should be considered as conceptual to provide an overview of these features. The actual performance of the Fund may be more or less than the forecasts presented. It is not intended to be financial advice, nor it is an offer to invest nor a representation or recommendation to any person other than the information contained in the Investment Information Memorandum. The investment entity are regulated unregistered managed investment scheme, and only for wholesale, professional and institutional investors . The schemes are regulated unregistered schemes issued by QB4 Capital Asset Management Pty Ltd ACN 605 013 803 ,with Australian Financial Services License No 482248, under purview of Australian Securities and Investments Commission ASIC.